The award-winning feature film documentary, The Resurrection of Victor Jara, is now available for streaming online in standard definition. The streaming version is subtitled in English where Spanish is spoken, and subtitled in Spanish where English is spoken.

A Master of Songwriting

Victor Jara from Chile, South America, has been likened to Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie in his ability to inject new meaning into traditional forms of folk music - to make the old new again and contemporary.

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A Socially Committed Artist

Victor's songs are works of art that also envisioned a better world, a world free from exploitation and privilege. He was not afraid to lend his voice to important movements for social change across Latin America.

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A Voice of Vital Importance

Victor's life story and musical legacy continue to resonate with newer generations, as he remains a figure of immense cultural integrity and resiliency. Victor's story and songbook continue to provide inspiration to people worldwide.

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