Wikipedia Entry on Victor’s Legacy

Although the military dictatorship burned the majority of master recordings of Jara’s music, Joan Jara managed to get recordings out of Chile; these were later copied and distributed worldwide. The widow later wrote an account of Víctor Jara’s life and music, titled Víctor: An Unfinished Song.

Named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the fifteen foremost protest artists.

On 22 September 1973, the Soviet/Russian astronomer Nikolai Stepanovich Chernykh named a newly found asteroid 2644 Víctor Jara, in honor of Víctor Jara’s life and artistic work.

American folksinger Phil Ochs, who met and performed with Jara during a tour of South America, organized a benefit concert in his memory in New York in 1974. Titled “An Evening With Salvador Allende”, the concert featured Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie and Ochs.

For Neruda, for Chile contains a section called “The Chilean Singer”, with poems dedicated to Jara.

An East German biographical movie called El Cantor (the Singer) was made in 1978. It was directed by Jara’s friend Dean Reed, who also played the part of Jara.

In the late 1990s British actress Emma Thompson started to work on a screenplay, which she planned to use as the basis for a movie about Víctor Jara. Thompson, a human rights activist and fan of Jara, considered the political murder of the Chilean artist as a symbol of human rights violation in Chile. She believed a movie about Jara’s life and death would make more people aware of the Chilean tragedy.[32] The movie would feature Antonio Banderas – another fan of Víctor Jara – as Jara himself where he would sing some of his songs and Emma Thompson as Víctor Jara’s British wife Joan Jara. The project has not yet been made into a film.

UK poet Adrian Mitchell translated Jara’s poems and lyrics. He wrote the tribute ‘Victor Jara’, which singer Arlo Guthrie later set to music.

The Soviet musician Alexander Gradsky created the rock opera, Stadium (Стадион, Stadion) (1985), based on the events surrounding Jara’s death.

Portuguese folk band Brigada Víctor Jara is named after him.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s Wrecking Ball Tour made a stop in Chile on 12 September 2013 (Springsteen’s first ever performance in the country), just days before the 40th anniversary of Jara’s death. Springsteen and guitarist Nils Lofgren paid tribute to Jara by covering his song, “Manifiesto,” which Springsteen sang in Spanish.

In a short speech before the song, Springsteen said (in Spanish): “In 1988 we played for Amnesty International in Mendoza, Argentina, but Chile was in our hearts. We met many families of Desaparecidos, which had pictures of their loved ones. It was a moment that stays with me forever. A political musician, Víctor Jara, remains a great inspiration. It’s a gift to be here and I take it with humbleness.”